Zj Benny Wall Charger

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ZJ Benny Wall Charger: A Versatile Solution for Your EV Charging Needs

Overview of the ZJ Benny Wall Charger

The ZJ Benny Wall Chargers is a high-performance EV charger designed to provide efficient and convenient charging for a variety of electric vehicles. With adjustable output power and compatibility for both outdoor and indoor use, this charger is perfect for any EV owner looking to optimize their charging experience.

Zj Benny Wall Charger

Adjustable Output Power and Charging Speed

One of the key features of the ZJ Benny Wall Chargers is its ability to adjust the output power according to your needs. This means that the power can be adjusted to match the EV charger output power requirements of your vehicle, ensuring optimal charging speed and energy efficiency.

Dynamic Load Balancing and Solar Compatibility

The ZJ Benny Wall Charger comes equipped with dynamic load balancing technology, which allows for efficient power distribution between multiple EV chargers connected to the same power supply. This feature ensures that your charger operates at full speed without overloading your electrical system. Additionally, the charger is compatible with solar power, providing an eco-friendly charging option for those with solar installations.

Durable Design for Outdoor and Indoor Use

Designed with an IP65 patented design case for outdoor use, the ZJ Benny Wall Chargers is built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring its longevity and reliable performance. Its sleek design also makes it suitable for indoor installations, providing versatile options for your EV charging needs.

Smart Features and RFID Card Access

The ZJ Benny Wall Charger offers smart EV charging features through the Z-Box App, allowing users to monitor and control their charging sessions remotely. The charger also supports RFID card access, providing added security and the ability to manage access for multiple users.

Easy Installation and Integration

Installing the ZJ Benny Wall Chargers is a straightforward process, requiring a main switch and a DLB Box for dynamic load balancing integration. With its easy installation and compatibility with various EV models, the ZJ Benny Wall Chargers is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile charging solution.


The ZJ Benny Wall Chargers is a versatile and efficient EV charging solution designed to meet the needs of electric vehicle owners. With adjustable output power, dynamic load balancing, solar compatibility, and durable design for outdoor and indoor use, this charger offers a comprehensive solution for all your EV charging needs.

Specification: Zj Benny Wall Charger

Cable Length 6m
IP Rating IP65
Model BCP-A2-L
Solar Charging
Warranty 3 Years
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