Delta Ac Max Wall Charger

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Delta AC Max Wall Charger: Efficient and Smart Charging for Your Electric Vehicle

Introduction to the Delta AC Max Wall Charger

The Delta AC Max Wall Charger is a versatile and energy-efficient solution for your electric vehicle charging needs. This AC charger is designed to provide innovative, space-saving options for residential charging sites and other locations where space may be limited.

Delta Ac Max Wall Charger

Energy Efficient Solutions with Low Standby Power Consumption

One of the key features of the Delta AC Max Wall Chargers is its low standby power consumption for energy saving. This ensures that the charger minimizes energy usage when not in use, providing an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for your EV charging needs.

High Adaptability for Various Applications and Specifications

The Delta AC Max Wall Chargers is designed with high adaptability in mind, making it suitable for various applications and specifications. Its compact design is perfect for space-limited sites, while its global charging interface ensures compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles.

Delta AC Max Wall Charger

Smart Features and Network Connectivity

The Delta AC Max Wall Chargers comes equipped with network connectivity, allowing users to control and monitor their charging sessions through mobile devices. The smart version of the charger also includes features such as parking turnover RFID, enabling efficient management of charging spaces.

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Back End System Integration and Related Solutions Tools

The Delta AC Max Wall Chargers offers seamless back end system integration, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to manage multiple chargers or incorporate EV charging into their existing operations. With a range of related solutions tools, the charger can be customized to meet your specific needs.

22kW AC Charging for Faster Charging Speeds

The Delta AC Max Wall Chargers provides 22kW AC charging power, delivering faster charging speeds for electric vehicles compared to standard chargers. This ensures that your vehicle is charged and ready to go in less time, making the charging process more convenient.

Conclusion: A Better Tomorrow with the Delta AC Max Wall Charger

By choosing the Delta AC Max Wall Chargers, you are investing in a better tomorrow with energy-efficient and innovative charging solutions for your electric vehicle. With its compact design, high adaptability, and smart features, the Delta AC Max Wall Chargers is an ideal solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Specification: Delta Ac Max Wall Charger

AMPS 16/32A
Cable Length 5m
IP Rating


Model AC MAX
Solar Charging
Warranty 3 Years
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